Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japan Tsunami Images: Jet Hits Building During Japan Tsunami

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Tsunami Japan

Enormity of the earthquake that occurred in Tokyo, Japan around 8.9 on the Richter scale caused a tsunami as high as six meters. Tsunami wave has hit at least a few areas in Tokyo, like cities Kesennuma.
Some existing facilities in the city were heavily damaged. Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii warned that tsunami waves will also be felt up to the Russians, Mark and northern Marianas Islands.
Meanwhile, the occurrence of a tsunami warning issued by several countries such as Guan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Hawaii.

Japan is famous for his custom to always orderly. The proof even life-threatening danger of tsunami, they still look orderly queue to the bus for evacuation.

As seen in the show on a local television station Japan, TBStv, thousands of citizens who gathered in the north of Shibuya Station, Tokyo, was in line with the orderly to get into the bus that has been provided. Did not detect any citizen who barged or fighting to get into the bus.

It's not a big wave hit the city of Shibuya, but considering the impact of the earthquake that made ​​subway transportation system is not functioning, they also must use the bus to save themselves.

The video was also some residents who came out of the building does not look panicked and even if there is panic, people clapped his hands next to your back saying 'Daijobu' many times. Daijobu itself does not mean anything.

As known to order an ingrained habit that has been there. No matter was in a situation that may be life threatening, they maintain orderly habits in all respects.
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